We don't see things the way THEY are. We see things the way WE are!

"We don't see things the way THEY are.
 We see things the way WE are!"

Trinity Veteran Meet-up


2023 Veteran Meet-up in Trinity

Scotomaville is a video series, a workbook, and a support platform for curious explorers to have peer support in order to champion challenges. You can watch videos in advance, follow me on twitter, and pre-register for this event. If you have questions, text me @ 210-557-4779


Some defeats are only installments to victory.
Jacob A. Riis




REFLECTION v1.03 Illusions in Trinity
This is the reflection video for Episode Three of Volume One which was on illusions. This is the third video on my YouTube channel about illusions - on physical things that we don't see - but it's the first included in the Scotomaville series. Why is...

Caring for Your Microbiome in Trinity
The advertising online and on Trinity billboards omit the truth about your waistline - most of that fat is inflammation. Most of your dieting isn't going to help if you don't shop the healthy - non-processed food isle at your local Portal:...

ChatGPT led AI Panel Proposes Trinity EABMC Consortium
To demonstrate my incremental discovery of the emerging reasoning engine created by OpenAI, I engaged with ChatGPT to explore role-playing, mimicking, and how convincing a Large Language Model (LLM) impersonates. ChatGPT expresses that; "human and ma...